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Whispering Bold x Yopie Exclusive Art Collection

It is no secret I love art, vintage home decor and travel, just like illustrator Yopie, a fellow art and culture lover with an amazing eye for beauty. Combining my interior design style and Yopie's unique art, together we developed the exclusive Whispering Bold x Yopie Art Collection; 6 original works by Yopie, to suit different styles, with a Whispering Bold design signature.

6 Exclusive designs, 6 different styles





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download art

Free digital art

Select your style and download the required file. We have created screen saver media for mobile, tablet and laptop and a printer-ready A4 file for you to frame. 


Fancy anything bigger? With an exclusive link to the Whispering Bold x Yopie collection on the Art Heroes platform, the artwork can be printed in any size & material of your choice, with 10% off sitewide.


10% Discount Code:

About Yopie

Yopie is the Dutch Stephanie, a fan of the arts and culture, in love with boyfriend Jelle and beagle Bosco. Stephanie started painting commissioned portraits in her student days and has been addicted to her iPad and drawing pencil ever since. She hopes to fill many empty walls with her illustrations and immortalise the most beautiful personal memories with a touch of Yopie.

About Art Heroes

In a gallery, you cannot choose size or medium and are also often bound by your budget. Art Heroes is different. They support you in finding what suits you best; a work of art that matches your taste and is made of the material and in the size of your liking. Art Heroes believe that everyone should be able to go online and buy an original work of printed art that suits them best.

Yopie in my home

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Whispering Bold has been a commercial partner with Art Heroes for years and my preferred art medium is the Art Frame, a modern alternative to canvas. My Yopie is printed onto a stretchable textile that is pressed into a modern, thin aluminium frame in black. This system allows for prints of almost any size and whenever I feel like something new, another print can be ordered and easily pressed into the existing frame. Using exchangeable prints is both sustainable and affordable. So, if you're like me and like to change things up, you can do it to your heart's content.

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Show us your Yopie?

Have you chosen an artwork from the exclusive Whispering Bold x Yopie collection? What was your favourite? Tag us on Instagram and show us!

Fill your wall with a touch of Yopie

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