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I love art. My home is full of various types of art, in many different shapes and sizes. Without fail, each piece has a story, just the way I like it. In my Art Store I am offering artworks with a story (my own) combining interior design with my other great passion; travel. Artworks especially curated for you to style your home, to make fabulous gallery walls, to create conversation starters or whatever else tickles your fancy. 

All images are my in-house photographer's (my husband) or my own. Send me a picture of your wall art creations, or tag @whisperingbold #whisperingboldartstore, and get featured on this website and my instagram stories.

Please note: Art Store orders are fulfilled by www.orderaprint.com. Click here for more info.

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Collections: Life on the Savannah | Colours of the Maasai | The animals of Petra | Oh deer | The world around us | Impressions of Iceland | Shades of the sun | Street lights of the world | The many faces of goats