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Eating with Chopsticks

Whispering Bold Eats

I am a foodie and all about quality food - taking the time to prepare and enjoy it. I also love travel and experiencing the joy of a culture through the flavours, colours and creativity of its dishes.

Healthy looks different on every body.

Follow my journey and allow food to lift your spirits by making conscious choices for a healthy body and mind.

Healthy toast toppings

Once we grasp and understand the power of the foods we choose to eat, the need to diet will become obsolete. 

Food photography

Collaboration Requests

Social Media Content Creation

Let me help you create the right image and messaging to include in your online media mix. 

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Food Photography
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Interested in knowing more about food? Consider studying with The Nutrition Institute and receive a discount. This course has been written for you to explore the life-changing value of becoming your own personal nutritionist for you and your family or choosing to become a professional one. It will increase your awareness and give you all the training and skills necessary to question the food that we eat, as well as our choice of lifestyle and how it impacts every system of the body.

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