I started Whispering Bold out of a passion to bring together my diverse range of professional experiences and the things that I love. I was a marketeer and strategist first, an Instagram influencer and inspirator second. I’ll combine the two competencies to help you further develop your passion for interior, whether that is boosting your Instagram account, getting your diploma in interior design or simply reading some blog posts about Instagram insights. 

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Download eResources for in-depth insights

Download eResources to benefit from my Instagram insights and experience.

Take an Interior Design Course

Enrol in a course with The Interior Design Institute and perhaps get me as personal tutor!

Learn from Instagram Insights blog posts

Read articles with my insights, my advice and what happens to me on Instagram.


I have developed eResources to help you strategise, plan and utilise your Instagram account to boost your engagement and followers growth. I've done all the research for you so you won't have to! My focus is on the interior design niche however my insights are generally applicable to all instagram accounts. All eResources come in both English and Dutch - please ensure you select the correct one. Happy reading! (CLICK HERE for reviews of fellow Instagrammers)


Enrol in a course with The Interior Design Institute

I developed and professionalised my passion for interior design by completing the course from The Interior Design Institute. You can too! I am an IDI graduate and also an IDI tutor. Join me on an interior design journey and receive a 100€ discount. READ MORE

Take an Interior Design Course

Did you know I am a tutor for The Interior Design Institute? Would you like to develop a career in Interior Design? Or simply fuel your interior design passion? Click here to read more and receive a 100€ discount (or equivalent in your currency)!

Read Instagram Insights blog posts

Read articles on Instagram insights, learnings, tips and tricks, hacking schemes and whatever else tickles my fancy!


eResource reviews

Read what other instagrammers say.


'Well Marieke I’m sure delighted I found you , I’ve read it all and it’s as fab as I thought ! So even in the first few lines I knew I’d to change a lot ... firstly change account , secondly my name ( I’ve been thinking that a long time now ) and thirdly my bio all that before I even got to the styling bit 😱😱 I wish I lived closer to you as you’re just fantastic xxxx'

'The price quality ratio was super good. The guide is extensive and full of practical information which I really like. So thank you! '

'Yesterday I downloaded Marieke's eResource @whisperingbold and read it in one go. I just bought the second one. Super interesting, educational and her easy writing style makes it so much fun to read. I am going to read, in the garden, with a nice cup of coffee!' 

'I just ordered and read your eResource. Super interesting! Thank you so much for your insights, I have renewed energy and am going to put them into practice.'

' I noticed a marked increased in reach after putting Marieke's tips into practice!'

I get stuck […] and feel as I have nothing to show but what you said about moving things around is just great. All of your tips make so much sense, so thank you very much!’


‘The thing I really liked about what you wrote, it’s not all about the big spending and people can get inspiration from a cheaper alternative – I know I do!’


‘Your guide was fab, thank you so much!’


‘A great read!’


‘Marieke shares valuable Instagram tips. Definitely interesting to read!’


‘I am definitely going to apply these tips & tricks!’


‘A clear story that will benefit many.’


‘Read with great pleasure and learnt new things. Thank you!’


‘Want to do what succesful grammers do? Marieke shares her tips & tricks!’


‘I thorougly enjoyed reading it!’


‘Do you also want tips on how to grow your account? Gain insight into your followers or tips and tricks for the perfect picture? Check out Whispering Bold!’


‘Great tips. I instantly adjusted my bio.’


‘Fab read and such handy tips!’


‘Lots of great advice you can directly apply onto your account.’


‘Super tips & tricks. Already happy with your clear explanation.’