Bedroom metamorphosis in neutral mud!

Done with the blue!

I love blue, I really do. But I was so done with the look of my bedroom. It had been there for 2 years, which is aaaaages in my books! Time for something new. For a while now I have been yearning for more peace and tranquility in my colour schemes. I do love statement pieces that pop - that won't change. But I was longing for a calmer basis. Plus, as you learn along the way, my bedroom is one of the darker rooms in the house, especially in winter. I was looking for something a bit warmer, earthier and grounding.

The other source of nuisance was my old bed. Nothing wrong with it. I just hated it. The frame took up a lot of space. It had to go. I had been searching for ages to find a more suitable one and nothing was quite right. I decided to go simple. In the end, to me anyway, it's the bedding that makes it. And I can play with textures till my heart's content!

So from one day to another I decided to empty the bedroom (much to hubby's dismay, it's lucky we have a guest room and he's actually very tolerant!). I invested in properly preparing the room for painting (he would have killed me if I had spilled paint on the carpet) and off I went.

I used two paint colours and two types of paint. I was after the concrete look on the majority of the walls, and a matt black on the back wall, that hosts the television. I know, for many a no go in the bedroom, but we LOVE watching a bit of telly in bed. So by painting the wall black, the beast is not quite as noticeable!

I used paint by Le Noir & Blanc, which I bought at Karwei, our local hardware store. The NUANCE paint gives a depth in colour, and exactly the effect I was after. So I chose that for my feature walls.

To achieve the concrete look effect I used chalk paint and applied with a roller first. Twice actually because covering the darker blue with this much lighter colour was a real pain in the bum with chalk paint. Then the fun part starts: FREESTYLING! With a block brush you just go nuts on the wall until it has the look you're after. Great fun!

Then the painting was DONE! Oh my goodness, such a difference!! Particularly without furniture the room looked absolutely huge and had exactly the vibe I was after. We had to camp out on the floor for a few days, as the bed hadn't arrived yet, but that wasn't spoiling the fun!

Then it was time to style the room. As I said, I was after a tranquil, earthy look. The bedframe is from Woood, the bedding is from ESSENZA HOME. Honestly, the softest, lushest bedding I've ever slept under. I can highly recommend it. It's a little pricey, but you sure notice the difference in quality. And just see what a difference it makes to the look and feel! I can hang out here for absolutely ages. Just love it.

So? What do you think?

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