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Suddenly I saw it. The carpets had to be switched. Now you probably think what on earth is she talking about? Let me tell you! I absolutely love vintage rugs. The character, the jaded, the story behind it and the fact that they are unique. Actually, vintage rugs are like your favourite pair of jeans, go with everything. I have a lot of vintage rugs; you could safely call it an addiction. They are everywhere my house and regularly a "new" oldie comes around and I swap things around. Something was bothering me. My whopper of a vintage Persian rug that lay under the dining table didn't really shine as much as I would have liked. Sure it was nice there; such a beauty of a rug is beautiful anywhere. Still, something was not quite right. When I, together with the rest of the Netherlands (and the world), was forced to stay at home to fight the Corona virus, I had plenty of time to shuffle. And I decided to swap the living room and dining room rugs. Seriously, why haven't I done that before? It looks absolutely great! Both the dining table and the sofa in the living room come into their own much better with on different surface, and the Persian rug is positively shining! Super happy with it! Immediately a whole new house. And then it happens. You know, suddenly everything has to be different! And hoppa, there I went on a shuffle mission with all the other accessories. Vase here, plant there, coffee table a little different. And then I thought that it would be very nice if a statement lamp were added. Something with character, more modern, but with a classic touch, so that it fits nicely with the rug but does not completely miss the mark.

And then I found this incredibly nice floor lamp! How nice are those legs? A little bold, a bit different, but with a classic shade. Just the lamp I was looking for. I love natural materials so the wooden legs are a winner. A completely different shape that is finished with a round black shade. Different than usual, well, I like that too! Combinations that are not so predictable.

Also a winning combination at your home?

Then take a look at the lamp collection of Rietveld Licht en Wonen. Don't always go for a safe choice! It is precisely the surprising combinations that make a house so interesting and completely unique.

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