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🇦🇺 What can I say; I love to eat. Probably one of the greatest joys in life for me is to relax with a glass of wine and some great produce. It's when I discuss the finer things in life with my husband, I let go of work stresses and truly chill. While we use out kitchen island a lot, and often have quick meals there, I truly love having a dining room and make an event out of dinners. Be it by ourselves or with guests.

Classic but with an industrial touch

Our dining room is pretty grand with high ornamental ceilings. They're 140 years old. Pretty amazing when you think of what those walls and ceilings must have seen and heard. The ornament is oval which instantly made me want an oval dining table. It simply works there. It's a classic room, but I like the combination of vintage and industrial. So I choose this the egg table of Must Living. Perfect robustness but with retro legs. I love it. It easily fits 8 people, which was the minimum for me. The right size for entertaining.

So comfy!

You want to be able to sit all night. And let me tell you, and I am not exaggerating one bit, you do not want to leave these chairs! They're called cloud (for a reason!), also MUST LIVING, and are the comfiest dining table chairs I ever sat on, by a mile. Just go and try for yourself. You'll thank me later!

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