House of Nature Decorations goes U-shape

New obsession

🇦🇺 I have a new obsession. Well, admittedly I have always been obsessed with cool side tables (am so busted, I know) but only recently I discovered the phenomena of U-shaped ones. Have I been living under a rock or what? How come I have never owned these before? HOW CLEVER!!

Let me explain, just in case you were ignorant, just like me. ☺️ These are side tables which legs are U-shaped so you can slide them underneath your couch. So then they are within easy reach and hardly take up any floor space! What a great idea!

Those of who you who've been following me for a longer period of time, know I like my cosy times with a drink and a nibble. Quality time on the couch is the best!

So then it's ultra handy if I can have my glass within reach.

House of Nature Decorations

But, it gets better... House of Nature Decorations designed these side tables with a removable tray! Cool! This set of side tables called Koltur is part of their new collection. Get your nibblies organised in the kitchen, plop them on the tray, and voila! Literally, cosiness on a platter, served just like that. But it also fits my laptop (the tables come in 2 sizes), my cuppa, magazines, knick knacks and whatever else you want to have close by.

Go for it!

I'd say, go for it. I've had these beauties for a few weeks now and am so pleased. I use them ALL.THE.TIME.

I change my home decor all the time (hazard of the trade), and hubby doesn't even blink an eye lid. But of these House of Nature Decorations side tables he said: 'These have GOT to stay, Marieke!'. So there you go.

Find out where to buy the Koltur side table set here!

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