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HYLUS: the art dream of this wannabe sk8tergirl

Pretending to be cool

I have a confession to make. I've always had a thing for the skateboard scene. Not that I ever set foot on a skateboard, mind you. I was a gymnast as a kid. Anything with the potential to break bones was a no-go. And I wouldn't have been very good at it anyway. I had the balance for sure (the gymnast thing again). But I had great trouble turning on the brakes. I tried on roller skates. These über cool retro ones. But I would end up in the hedges (safest place to crash). But skateboarders? They were cool!

Surfing is cool too. Sun, beach, holiday vibes, what's not to like? Other than the waves of course. I am petrified of waves. A direct result of a holiday in France as a kid, where I got stuck under a wave and it felt like about a million years before I could catch a breath again. Also, in Australia, there's the added bonus of rips, tides and creatures with teeth going by the name of 'great white shark'. They kind of turn me off surfing altogether. So I married an Aussie surfer instead. And a sk8ter boi. Because he likes all of it. (No, I did not marry two people!)

Grungy street style

There's something grungy about boarding, surfing and the scene that goes with it. Down to earth, street smart, unpretentious, paired with this complete sense of freedom. And then there's the fashion! Nice and baggy, hiding a multitude of sins! Maybe that's why I love Valencia so much (Spain, where we have our second home). Valencia is known for its street art, and grungy scene. It's urban, raw and so so cool. Graffiti and skate boards go well together. That's probably why I fell in love with the artworks of HYLUS.

Unique glass art

HYLUS is a digital contemporary art gallery, showcasing the latest art trends into uncommon art pieces. The name derives from the latin Hyalus, meaning Glass. Starting from placing works of art on Acrylic Glass skateboards, HYLUS has since extended its product portfolio due to an incredibly high demand for surfboards and glass prints. HYLUS connects people to the reality that anything around you can become a work of art.

With their unique works of art they aim to unveil the deep relationship between society and art, and to deliver top quality, modern, contemporary art pieces to customers.

Surf and skateboards

So why surf and skateboards then? It goes back to the feeling they give you. And why I, deep at heart, still am a wannabe sk8ter girl. A skateboard and surfboard is an ideal canvas because it is affordable, mobile, and useable. These two are also a symbols for freedom. They have the power to break social barriers.

Bundles of joy

Together with my kids and hubby I picked two bundles of HYLUS skateboard art. Two different vibes (very different kids!) but I love both for different reasons! My daughter's pick features pink colours (of course) and is called "Dreamy Clouds & Sky & Desert". I mean look at it, doesn't it instantly transport you to a wonderful holiday? I cannot wait to be able to travel again post corona, and enjoy warm and sunny days in complete freedom. In the meantime, I will just dream on and stare at these cool glass art pieces.

Animal graffiti art

My son opted for seriously cool graffiti art, and picked the cheetah and the hummingbird. I love the combination of the ominous dark background, the animals staring you in the face, combines with funky graffiti art. I have never seen anything like it, have you?? Different and bold, just the way I like my interior design statements.

Designs for free spirits

I have no doubt these design statements are going to end up in my home in Valencia. They're a perfect piece of art reflecting a free spirit, just like life there. Once I make it back there, I will show you how I am incorporating them in new designs there. In the meantime, they'e shining in my home, right here on the canals of Haarlem in the Netherlands.

And the good thing? No matter where in the world you are, you can feature your own HYLUS art! They offer free shipping to the EU and the US, so you can knock yourself out. There are many design choices and you can even design your own art pieces if you wish.

Check out the HYLUS website or their Instagram page for inspiration!



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