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DIY - Marble coffee table

Attic treasures

🇦🇺 As many of you I recently found myself with a little too much time at home and decided to go through the mess in my attic. When I don't know what to do with stuff, that's where it ends up. Plus hubby is a hoarder so anything that 'might be of use in the future' ends up there too. Anyway, while I was finding my way through the maze of lamps, carpets, cabinets, pots etc I also (re)discovered the pile of tiles, left over from our home renovation. One of them, a gorgeous large marble tile, the last one left in the pack used for our master bathroom.

I'd been eying off marble coffee tables in other people's homes with jealousy but simply couldn't justify going to the shops and buy one. So when I saw this tile (REX 746602 i classici di rex statuario) bought from BMN) I instantly knew what to do with it; turn it into a coffee table!

Perfect size

I do not have a tile cutter. Nor was I in any way, shape or form inclined to cut into this gorgeous marble tile, which measured 1.2m by 0.6m. So it was going to be a large coffee table. Not a real problem for the location I had in mind. Then I had to think of the base. As luck would have it, IKEA had a table top EXACTLY that size, for the grand total of 15 euros. It was meant to be! For 15 euros I cannot fabricate one myself, with the right finish. I ordered one online, picked it up (terribly efficient in corona days as all I had to do was provide my order number, wait outside, and before I knew it an IKEA staff member came outside with my LINNMON table top in a trolley, ready for me to take home. Infinitely cheaper than having to do the loop first, if you know what I mean! On the way back I passed Karwei and bought some Bison montage kit to adhere my tile to the table top.

I decided to go for a retro look and purchased some coffee table legs online from I like things to be just a little different and chose these copper hairpin legs. Not only would it give my coffee table a gorgeous classic look, it also matches my vintage rug perfectly. Now I had everything I needed and all that was left was putting it all together.


This was probably one of the easier DIY jobs I've undertaken because everything was already the right size. All that was required was a bit of glue and plenty of screws. I first screwed the legs onto the IKEA LINNMON table top so I could put the table upright. That would make life easier to apply the kit, and rest the tile on top. I applied plenty of kit (I chose transparent assembly kit from Bison, as I was worried it would show through the tile, which turned out not to be an issue at all. But hey, better be safe than sorry. I then enlisted hubby's help to lift the tile in place and job done! As I didn't have any clamps I used books to weigh down the tile onto the glue. Works just as well. Then I waited for the kit to dry before carrying it to the right spot in my home and voila, job done. My new coffee table! And I'm very pleased. It turned out really nice, even if i say so myself! What do you think?

PS items in this post were NOT sponsored.

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