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New look dining!

Out with the old, in with the new

🇦🇺 Do you have that too? Totally excited for Xmas, house full of baubles and bling, but then the holidays are over and you're totally over it? Come Boxing Day my hands are itching to take everything down. And so I did.

I felt like a new look in my dining. The Xmas wall hanging looked great, it was the first time I had a truly dark wall hanging in my dining and I was obsessed. So I was stoked when Urban Cotton Amsterdam sent me this beauty instead. The photo for Hanging Baskets was taken in one of the many old, abandoned coal mines in Germany, in a hall with maybe 1,000 baskets. These baskets were used as a kind of lockers. The miners hung their clothes on it, after which they were hoisted up with iron chains. At the end of the day it was also immediately visible whether everyone was safely above the ground again. How cool is that?

I also decided it was time for my own basket to return. This pendant of Maison du Monde is one of my favourites. It hung above my kitchen island for a number of years, until I changed the look there. But I missed it. And the combination with this wall hanging is just perfect.

Peace restored

2021 couldn't come soon enough as far as I was concerned (let's hope for healthier times soon) and a fresh start helps. I feel a declutter period coming on! At least the dining is ready for 2021.

Are you?



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