One cabinet, two styles!

Change things up

You know, so often I hear that people want to change things up in their homes. Because something isn't working for them, or they're done with a certain style, or just because. Because let's face it, a change is as good as a holiday, right? And particularly during the corona pandemic, when we're all spending a lot of time at home, the walls can sometimes close in on you, right?

I visualise and shuffle

So I shuffle. A lot. It gives me a brand new space every time and it makes me happy. Many ask me how I do it (I just do) and if it doesn't drive my husband crazy (it does). If you don't know where to start, just start visualising! I often take pictures and then stick them on top of each other with the lay out app. Too easy. And another added benefit of a good shuffle, it doesn't cost anything! You make do with what you‘be got, and change the space around you free of charge. A winner if you ask me.

One cabinet, two ways

I'll give you an example. I recently got this gorgeous Casa Shops cabinet. I intended to place it in my hallway. I had just bought the most divine vintage mirror that proved to be one big challenge to hang (soooo heavy!). I figured I would simply place it on top of this cabinet, and then with the additional storage underneath it's a win win! So I did. And it looked terrible. I was gutted. All my best laid out plans out the window. But I loved both items so much! So I went playing around with the styling, with the intention to find both the cabinet and the mirror the perfect place in my home. I first styled the cabinet in my hallway with a Mineheart peekaboo canvas above it. I paired it with a plant and some other cool accessories (check Luccello for awesome stuff). Looks fab, even if I say so myself.

Hubby was not impressed

Just as I was patting myself on the back, hubby came down and said 'Love the cabinet, not sure about it there. I miss the mirror, and I am a little partial to a wide open hall way.' He generally just rolls his eyes whenever I change things up, but he was adamant. The cabinet had to go elsewhere. He wanted the mirror. So I caved and off I went, shuffling again.

My daughter had no intention of changing up her bright coloured plastic buckets from the well known IKEA kids cabinet, the other rooms had no space, so I sat in my office pondering what would be my next move.

I looked around and thought 'hey, how about right here in my office!'. How bloody useful are all those drawers for all those little officy things! And the TECK cabinet matches the wood of my desk and oak shelves. Brilliant, even if I say so myself. So I enlisted (a disgruntled) hubby to help me lift the thing up the stairs, restyled my office with the gorgeous cabinet, and I am stoked! It works a treat! So there you go, one cabinet, two ways. Now I am thinking I need another lazy chair in the corner.... (and here we go again....).

PS Do you like a good shuffle?

PSPS Yes, we did hang the vintage mirror in the hallway in the end! One whopper of a screw did the trick! Yay! Winning on all fronts!

Love, Marieke

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