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Pimping my loo!

(Klik hier voor het Nederlandse artikel)

🇦🇺I've done it again! A make over with stickers. And I love it. Take a boring loo, give it a lick of paint, and cover the plain tile with funky Portuguese tile stickers. It really is that easy. Now a) why have a boring restroom when you truly pimp the space and b) why have I not done this before?

The before situation really was not awful (see pic). Mind you, I had already painted the hideously yellow/brown tiles, and the walls, in line with the previous bedroom look. But when I transformed my bedroom into an oasis of earthy tones (read more here), I decided it was time to also revamp the loo.

So paint first, tiles second. And voila! Moonwallstickers sent me a few samples to try first, as I couldn't quite make up my mind. But I ended up settling for these cute Portuguese tiles to add a bit of contrast. And I think it worked out great!

These tile stickers come in all sorts of sizes, and even in floor finish. I used their floor tile stickers for my hallway and even after a good six months they still look perfect (read more on that project here). Just check out their website for more inspiration. What do you think?

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