Wall Hanging by Urban Cotton - Art with a message

the (imperfect) beauty of the shades of our skin that expresses diversity and individuality

Statement art

🇦🇺 You know I love statement pieces, and items with a story. My new wallhanging of Urban Cotton Amsterdam is both. And I am obsessed. This artwork is called NUANCE and is inspired by the (imperfect) beauty of the shades of our skin that expresses diversity and individuality. This design fits in a worldly interior and in any stylish space with warm natural colours where this tapestry can be a cool, independent and playful element.

Beautiful message

I personally love the message it conveys. What a beautiful thought to have my kids think of every day when they look at our dining room wall. All Urban Cotton Amsterdam tapestries are made of 100% organic cotton and contribute directly to the maker of the works.

Find your own wall hanging

Urban Cotton Amsterdam has its own webshop but has over 300 retailers within their network. Surely you'll be able to find the one you're after near you, or online. Have a browse!

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