What people say


'Well Marieke I’m sure delighted I found you , I’ve read it all and it’s as fab as I thought ! So even in the first few lines I knew I’d to change a lot ... firstly change account , secondly my name (I’ve been thinking that a long time now) and thirdly my bio all that before I even got to the styling bit 😱😱 I wish I lived closer to you as you’re just fantastic xxxx'


Marieke,  I am so happy with you! Bought your eResource about stories a few days ago. And the tip about the creator studio is really great! Exactly what I was looking for and which I did not know existed. Have already planned content for the entire week. Many many thanks!


"Yesterday I downloaded Marieke's eResource @whisperingbold and read it in one go. I just bought the second one. Super interesting, educational and her easy writing style makes it so much fun to read. I am going to read, in the garden, with a nice cup of coffee!'


'I just ordered and read your eResource. Super interesting! Thank you so much for your insights, I have renewed energy and am going to put them into practice.'



I partnered with Marieke for a workshop during a trade fair. Marieke has done an excellent job in this collaboration. Her business insights and commercial approach to content creation are of a high quality. I was particularly enthusiastic about her PowerPoint presentation. In addition, Marieke is a pleasant speaker. During the fair I benefited enormously from her calm and correct demeanour and attitude. In the future, I will certainly make more use of her presentation talents and her refreshing look at our profession.



I noticed a marked increased in reach after putting Marieke's tips into practice!



Marieke did an Instagram Account Analysis for my profile and helped me a lot with her tips! I started my account as a hobby 'on the side' and figured I would learn along the way. But it turned out there was a lot of room for improvement. With her tips from an outsider perspective and with the knowledge and experience Marieke has gained over the years, she has opened my eyes and inspired me to make some changes. I can't wait to share new things with my followers!



A whole new world opened up for me. With clear tips and tricks Marieke knows how to inspire you to get more out of your instagram account. The online and offline consults are not only useful but also very pleasant. I highly recommend it if you are serious about kickstarting you instagram feed.



Marieke helped me out when my feed was at a bit of a low point. She gave me tips concerning pictures, hashtags, comments and also updated my bio. Worked a treat! Would let her do it again in a heartbeat. 



Marieke has taken great care performing my analysis. She's pointed out certain aspects that will certainly help me. For example, I did something regularly that only worked in my disadvantage. With Marieke's help I can now improve on my less strong points and improve my page.



Everyone would love to get advice from someone who really knows what they’re doing, right? @whisperingbold came over to help me style my living and bathroom. My pictures have really changed since that day. Previously I would ponder for days, wouldn’t know where to start. But now I have plenty of ideas and that shows in my feed. It was a very educational day but also fun. I hope she’ll return soon. 



Marieke has made me think and got me enthusiastic again. She’s made sure that I go back to basics and that’s how I’ve already come up with new ideas. Thanks to Marieke, I am once again confident that my number of followers will really grow.


'The price quality ratio was super good. The guide is extensive and full of practical information which I really like. So thank you! '