About me

I am Marieke, a Dutch Australian interior designer, business executive, content creator and social media influencer.  

Next to a busy corporate lifestyle, I pursued my life-long interest in beautiful interiors, upping my game with a design degree. Numerous home renovations later, I left the corporate world and turned my passion into a career. I create interiors, content and share my signature style online. I also work as a tutor for the Interior Design Institute.

I don't love labelling my style; I do what I like, even if it doesn’t fit in a box. I like creating unique spaces with unexpected combinations, bringing in vintage finds, upcycled pieces, original artworks, and items with character and a story, without breaking the bank.


My husband and I, together with our son, daughter and puppy, divide our time between Haarlem, Valencia and Sydney.

Whispering Bold Style

Ever wondered where the name Whispering Bold came from? I was struggling to find a name that would describe my style. Because what is my style anyway? I tend to go for urban chic vintage and a bit jungalow but mainly just trust my gut. I don’t follow trends but love eye catchers. Statements. Without going over the top. I asked my husband and he said: “Well, your style is a bit out there and makes a statement. It’s bold, daring but down to earth, without screaming it from the rooftops.” And that moment marked the inception of the name ‘Whispering Bold’.