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Breathing Easier: How the Briiv Air Filter Improved Our Home's Air Quality and My Husband's Asthma

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As an interior designer, my own home has been my canvas for a creative and stylish interior. But as a homemaker, one of my top priorities has always been to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for my family. So, when I first heard about the Briiv Air Filter, an air purifier with a sustainable design, I was intrigued.

The promise of cleaner, healthier air and a more sustainable lifestyle was appealing to me. I was curious about the technology behind it and wanted to know how it could improve our home's air quality. Little did I know how much of a game-changer this device would prove to be.

Not just an air purifier; it's a revolution in air purification.

Brivv Air Filter
Briiv Air Filter

The Briiv Air Filter is not just an air purifier; it's a revolution in air purification. It features a unique, nature-inspired design that utilises 90% renewable natural materials. The nano matrix filter is made from medical grade nano fibres and activated carbon. This not only makes it more eco-friendly than traditional air purifiers but also means it's more sustainable in the long run.

I was also impressed by the sleek, minimalist design of the Briiv Air Filter. It's compact and aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly into any home decor. But it's not just about looks. The design of the Briiv Air Filter is functional too, with easy-to-use controls and a quiet operation that doesn't disrupt the peace of your home.

What is an Air Purifier and How Does it Work?

Before I delve deeper into the Briiv Air Filter and its benefits, it's essential to understand what an air purifier is and how it works. An air purifier, as the name suggests, purifies the air in your home by removing pollutants, allergens, and other harmful particles. This is especially crucial in today's world, where air pollution is a growing concern.

Air purifiers work by drawing in air from your surroundings and passing it through filters that trap and remove harmful particles. The cleaned air is then circulated back into the room. The efficiency of an air purifier largely depends on its filtration system. This is where the Briiv Air Filter stands out, with its four-stage filtration process that ensures the air in your home is as clean and healthy as possible.

The Briiv Air Filter's unique and sustainable design includes a pre-filter that captures large particles, a HEPA filter made from the wool of sustainably reared sheep that traps smaller allergens and pollutants, an activated carbon filter made from coconut shells that eliminates odours, and finally, a layer of natural moss that further purifies the air. This comprehensive filtration process ensures that the air in your home is free from dust, pollen, bacteria, and even VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The Importance of Good Air Quality for Health

We often underestimate the importance of good air quality for our health. We spend the majority of our time indoors, and the quality of the air we breathe can significantly impact our health. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a host of health problems, including allergies, respiratory issues, and even more serious conditions like heart disease and stroke.

As someone with a husband who suffers from asthma, this was a major concern for me. Asthma is a chronic condition that affects the airways in the lungs, causing them to become inflamed and narrow. This can make it difficult to breathe and lead to episodes of coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. In addition to that, my husband is also very allergic to pets. Luckily our dog Diesel is half-poodle which means he doesn't shed any hair. But that doesn't make him completely void of allergens that affect my husband. Exposure to allergens and pollutants can trigger an asthma attack, making an air purifier an essential device for asthma patients.

Mini doodle with Brivv air purifier

My husband's asthma and allergies was always a concern, especially during the change of seasons or when the air pollution levels were high. Despite taking medication and avoiding known triggers, he would still have frequent episodes.

It is something to always take into consideration. That's when I came across the Briiv Air Filter, and I loved the idea of improving the air quality for my husband (and the rest of the family of course) while adding a stylish home decor item to our interior.

How the Briiv Air Filter Transforms Our Home's Air Quality

The moment you start using the Briiv Air Filter, you notice a significant improvement in the home's air quality. The air feels fresher, cleaner, and most importantly, healthier. The Briiv Air Filter's efficient and comprehensive filtration process ensured that the air in our home is free from dust, pollen, and other allergens that could trigger an asthma attack. The activated carbon filter also effectively removed odours, making our home smell fresh and clean. It is like having a breath of fresh air indoors.

Briiv air filter in jungalow style home

The Sustainable Design of the Briiv Air Filter

One of the aspects that sets the Briiv Air Filter apart from other air purifiers is its sustainable design. Made from 90% renewable and natural materials, the Briiv Air Filter is a testament to how technology and nature can come together to create a healthier and more sustainable future.

The filters are 90% made all-natural materials that are not only effective in purifying the air but also sustainable and eco-friendly. The minimalist design also means less waste and the filters are biodegradable and compostable, reducing their impact on the environment.

Setting up the Briiv Air Filter is as simple as it gets. Fill the glass vessel with sustainably sourced moss, plug it in, and let the Briiv Air Filter do the rest. The system is capable of purifying a 6m x 6m space in just one hour. For larger rooms, you can use multiple Briiv Air Filter units for comprehensive coverage.

Experience the power of plants with the Briiv Air Filter, and breathe as nature intended.

Urban jungalow home with brivv air purifier

How to Maintain and Use the Briiv Air Filter for Optimal Results

Maintaining and using the Briiv Air Filter is incredibly easy. The moss and coconut filters last around 12 months and the nano matrix filter lasts around 3 months. The process is straightforward and hassle-free.

For the best results, we keep our Briiv Air Filter running continuously, especially during the change of seasons or when the air pollution levels are high. We also make sure to place it in a central location in our home.

Briiv Pro 2.0: now on Kickstarter

The good news is that there is going to be an even smarter version of this nifty device; the Briiv Pro. The original Briiv air purifier and the Briiv Pro have several differences. While both models are eco-friendly, the Briiv Pro combines advanced technology with sustainable principles in a more efficient way. It uses a nano matrix filter in addition to moss and coconut to purify the air, making it 6900% more effective than house plants at cleaning the air.

The Briiv Pro also introduces an AI-integrated system that monitors and adjusts the air quality in your home, which can be controlled through a mobile app. Schedule purification sessions, adjust the level of purification, and monitor the air quality in your home. It's a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly solution for managing your indoor air quality.

Furthermore, the Briiv Pro offers two new modes: Canary mode to sense poor air quality and clean as needed, and Zone mode to connect and control multiple units.

While both purifiers are designed with sustainability in mind, the Briiv Pro is specifically made from waste potato and rice husks. The Briiv Pro is now available for pre-order and will be released in 2024.

Future Of Air Purification Is Now Available on Kickstarter

Breathing Easier with Briiv

The Briiv Air Filter has truly transformed our home's air quality and my husband's asthma. It has made our home healthier, our lives easier, and more sustainable. We can now breathe easier, knowing that the air we're breathing is clean and free from allergens and pollutants.

If you or a loved one suffers from asthma or any other respiratory condition, I cannot recommend the Briiv Air Filter enough. But also when you are not affected by asthma it's a great idea to purify the air in your home. In our house, the air is now cleaner than it is outside. Plus, the design makes it a great and stylish addition to your interior.

The Briiv Air Filter is not just an air purifier; it's a breath of fresh air.

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