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Easy Elegance: My Unique Christmas Tablescape with a Mix of Upcycled and DIY Touches

As the festive season approaches, we all look forward to setting up our homes in the spirit of Christmas. One major element often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations is the Christmas table. As the centrepiece of all Christmas feasts and family gatherings, your tablescape should reflect your style and the festive spirit in equal measure. This year, why not make your Christmas table setting stand out by incorporating unique elements and personal touches?

Creating a tablescape isn't just about placing plates and glasses on a table. It's about creating a theme, a mood, and a story that your guests will remember long after the Christmas dinner is over. Whether it's vintage, rustic, chic, or minimalistic, your tablescape is a reflection of your personal taste and your interpretation of the Christmas spirit.

Remember, a well-designed and thoughtful tablescape can enhance your Christmas decor, making your home feel even more festive and welcoming. With a few simple tips and some creative ideas, you can create a stunning Christmas table that is both elegant and unique.

Elegant Xmas Table
My Christmas tablescape this year

Expressing Elegance: The Importance of a Classy Christmas Dinner Table

A classy Christmas dinner table is not just a feast for the stomach, but also for the eyes. It sets the mood for the entire evening, making the Christmas meal even more enjoyable. An elegantly set table is a reflection of your attention to detail and your love for the festive season.

Creating a classy Christmas table is not about splurging on expensive tableware or elaborate decorations. It's about balancing simplicity and sophistication, tradition and innovation. It's about choosing the right elements that complement each other and arranging them in a visually pleasing way. My tablescape was not expensive; most items I already had other than the mirror and plates thrifted for the occasion.

Subtle and classy doesn’t mean boring or monotonous. With a bit of creativity and a keen eye for design, you can achieve a unique table setting that exudes elegance and Christmas cheer. How, you ask? Let’s delve right in.

How to Create a Subtle and Classy Christmas Table

Creating a subtle and classy Christmas table can be a fun and rewarding experience. Start by choosing a theme or colour palette for your tablescape. Traditional Christmas colours like red, green, and gold are always a safe bet. However, if you’re looking to do something different this year, consider choosing unexpected colours like blue, silver, or even black and gold.

Black and Gold Christmas Theme - table
Black and Gold Christmas Theme

Once you've decided on a theme, start collecting elements that fit your chosen colour scheme. This could be anything from table runners and napkins, to candles, baubles, and centrepieces. Remember, the key to creating a classy Christmas table is to keep things simple and balanced. Avoid cluttering your table with too many items. Instead, focus on a few key pieces that can serve as focal points.

Finally, add a personal touch to your table setting. This could be anything from handmade place cards, to customised napkin rings, to a DIY centrepiece. Remember, it's these little details that make your Christmas table truly unique and special.

Finding the Perfect Elements: Vintage and Thriftshop Finds

If you're looking for a truly unique and charming Christmas table, vintage and thrift shop finds can be your best allies. Old-world charm meets modern-day chic in these pieces, offering a depth of character that is hard to find in brand new items.

See this Christmas cabinet in my local thrift shop. I love how they turned a stack of old books into a Christmas tree.

Christmas Display in Thrift Shop
Stack old books in the shape of a Christmas tree!

Vintage cutlery, antique china, or even an old lace tablecloth could be the unique element that sets your Christmas table apart. These pieces carry a story, a history - and incorporating them into your tablescape adds a layer of intrigue and charm.

Moreover, thrift shopping is a sustainable way of decorating. By repurposing old items, you are not only giving them a new lease of life but also reducing your carbon footprint. It's a win-win situation!

This year I didn't want to use a table cloth or more traditional placemats, but I went on the hunt for some decorative Christmas plates to use instead. I found some perfect metal plates with Christmas wreaths in my local thrift shops for only 75 cents each. Perfect! They were just the wrong colour. So I used my trusty gold spray paint to spruce them up and make them perfect for my Christmas table.

Incorporating Vintage and Thrift Shop Finds in Your Tablescape

Incorporating vintage and thrift shop finds in your tablescape is all about being creative and thinking outside the box. An old, ornate picture frame could be repurposed as a tray for holding condiments. A vintage brooch could be used as a napkin holder. An antique candleholder could serve as a unique centrepiece.

When it comes to using vintage items, don't be afraid to mix and match. Vintage pieces often come in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns, so feel free to experiment and see what works best for your tablescape.

For my tablescape, I used a vintage mirror as a tray to hold my centrepiece and statement candleholder. The underplates were thrifted and upycled and so were the napkin holders. The black starter plates came from an antique shop in France. It's all about mixing and matching. As long as you keep a theme in mind, anything goes!

My Mix and Match Christmas Table with Vintage, New and Upcycled Items.
My Mix and Match Christmas Table with Vintage, New and Upcycled Items.

Remember, the beauty of vintage and thrift shop finds lies in their uniqueness and character. Don't try to make them look brand new. Instead, embrace their age and patina, and let them add a touch of nostalgia and charm to your Christmas table.

The Art of Upcycling in Christmas Decor

Upcycling is the process of transforming old or discarded materials into something useful and attractive. It's a great way to add a personal and unique touch to your Christmas decor, and it's also a fantastic way to be kind to our planet.

Think of all the old Christmas decorations that are gathering dust in your attic. With a bit of creativity and some DIY skills, you can transform these forgotten items into beautiful table decor. Old Christmas cards can be turned into unique place cards. Broken ornaments can be transformed into glittering table confetti. Old wine bottles can be upcycled into elegant candle holders.

The possibilities are endless, and the result will be a Christmas table that is not only beautiful and unique but also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Creating a Unique Christmas Tablescape using Black and Gold

Black and gold might not be the traditional Christmas colours, but they can make for a truly stunning and elegant Christmas table. The combination of black's depth and sophistication with gold's warmth and glamour can create a tablescape that is both dramatic and festive.

Start with a black tablecloth or table runner as your base. This will create a stark contrast with your tableware and other elements, making them stand out. Or you could forego the table cloth altogether and make the table top shine. This is what I have done. But then you need to add another element for contrast, in my case the mirror. The mirror (with golden frame) created the necessary contrast with the table. Then, incorporate gold elements into your tablescape. This could be gold-rimmed plates, gold cutlery, gold napkin rings, or even gold Christmas baubles.

I added a few carefully scattered black and bronze baubles onto my mirror centre piece. The added bonus of the mirror is that it reflects everything on it. This is important for the extra sparkle. This also means you don't want to make it too cluttered or else you lose this effect.

Christmas table centrepiece with vintage accents
Adding a Few Scattered Baubles to Your Mirror Centrepiece

Remember, when using black and gold, less is more. These colours are bold and dramatic, so they don't need much embellishment. A few strategically placed gold accents on a black base can create a striking visual impact.

DIY Touches to Add to Your Christmas Decor

Adding DIY touches to your Christmas decor is a great way to make your tablescape truly unique and personal. It's also a fun and creative activity that you can do alone or with your family.

There are countless DIY projects that you can undertake for your Christmas table. You could make your own napkin rings using old jewellery or beads. You could create a stunning centrepiece using pine cones and spray paint. You could even create your own place cards using calligraphy or your personal artwork. Or do like me, and create your own under plates simply by spray painting some thrifted plates in the colour you want.

Remember, the key to successful DIY projects is to have fun and let your creativity flow. Don't worry about making everything perfect. The beauty of DIY touches lies in their uniqueness and the personal touch they add to your decor.

Try it! The Charm of a Unique, Upcycled Christmas Tablescape

Creating a unique and upcycled Christmas tablescape is all about expressing your personal style and showcasing your creativity. It's about mixing and matching different elements, experimenting with colours and textures, and adding your own personal touches.

Whether you choose to incorporate vintage and thrift shop finds, upcycle old items, or add DIY touches to your decor, remember that the most important thing is to create a tablescape that you love and that reflects the spirit of Christmas. After all, the Christmas table is not just about food. It's about gathering with your loved ones, sharing laughter and joy, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

So this year, why not give your Christmas table a unique and elegant makeover? You might be surprised at how much fun you can have and how stunning your Christmas table can be. You are only limited by your imagination. So let it run wild and create the Christmas table of your dreams.


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