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Need interior design, sponsored content, or social media content creation expertise? If your innovative and creative brand resonates with my unique Whispering Bold style, let's collaborate! I'm open to partnerships of any scale. Discover design insights on my blog and daily inspiration on Instagram. With my background in International Business and Marketing, I'll help you craft the perfect online presence.

Get in touch!

Feel free to send an email to to discuss your online media content creation requirements and a suitable package. 


Download the Whispering Bold Media Kit for creating captivating home decor and lifestyle social media content. Gain insights into my packages and services, with a transparent and competitive fee structure, tailored to elevate brand presence and engagement. Empower your brand and bring your vision to life in the digital space.

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Did you know?

  • Instagram was the most-used influencer marketing platform in the United States in 2022.

  • 1 in 4 marketers currently leverages influencer marketing.

  • 72% of Gen Z and Millennials follow influencers on social media.

  • 50% of Millennials trust product recommendations from influencers. This drops to 38% for product recommendations from celebrities.

  • Micro-influencers generate up to 60% more engagement than macro-influencers.

  • 44% of marketers say that the biggest benefit of working with micro-influencers is that it is less expensive.

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