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Hallway facelift with stickers!

Stickers that last the distance

It's no secret I hate my hallway tiles (red ones, yuk). It's also no secret I covered them up with stickers (see here). And to my utter amazement, these Moonwallstickers work a treat! I had them for 18 months, heavy traffic, furniture moving in and out (I tend to change this up a bit, hazard of the trade), cleaning / mopping as per usual (WITH cleaning products), 2 kids, a husband and a puppy dog. So you'd think these stickers would be toast. Honestly, they are not! Yes, minor signs of wear and tear (if you look up close) but they easily could have lasted a fair bit longer.

Fancied a change

I do like a change however. I have to admit I looked into retiling the hallway, with tiles that would remain forever. But, after consulting with a handyman, we came to the conclusion that it required major work, the entire hallway floor had to be removed and resurfaced, and my home would be a work site and covered in brick for at least a week. And clearly all this labour wasn't exactly free of charge either.

Hallway Facelift

So Moonwallstickers came to the party and provided another round of stickers for a complete facelift of my hallway! I chose the 'Valencia' design (because I miss our place) for the ultimate Mediterranean spring look. And I love it. It's too easy really. The stickers stick without bubbles, and you tear them off without residue. I cannot rave enough about the quality and durability.

Check out my video for the before, during and after here!

Apart from the incredibly sore muscles of squatting to apply 800 odd stickers, this makeover was a piece of cake! What do you think of the result?

Moonwallstickers has a huge selection of tile stickers (with or without floor finish, check out my blog on my toilet wall stickers here). If you're on a budget, renting or simply like to change your home often (guilty) then take a look here!


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