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Inspiring Spaces: Room-Specific Mood Boards in Various Styles

Welcome to this blog post, where I share some of my favourite room-specific mood boards to spark your interior design creativity. Whether you're thinking about refreshing your living room, transforming your bedroom, sprucing up your dining room or reimagining any other space in your home, I've got you covered with mood board inspiration in various styles.

From the minimalist elegance of Japandi to the vibrant flair of eclectic interiors and the cosy charm of transitional living spaces, each mood board showcases unique looks to inspire your next project. Dive in and get inspired for your home makeover!

Japandi-style living room mood board

Japandi living room mood board by Veronika Vuletic
Japandi living room mood board by Veronika Vuletic

The Japandi design style merges Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics to create a minimalist yet warm ambience. This style emphasises clean lines, natural materials, and functionality.

This mood board by Veronika Vuletic showcases a neutral colour palette, fostering a harmonious balance that embodies the essence of Japandi design.

Modern minimalist living room mood board

This modern minimalist living room has been thoughtfully designed to exude calmness and elegance without being overwhelming. Curves and soft, muted tones add a feminine and gentle touch, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Bohemian-style bedroom mood board

Bohemian bedroom mood board by Irina Schryvers
Bohemian bedroom mood board by Irina Schryvers

This bohemian-style bedroom seamlessly blends calm Scandinavian, contemporary, and boho elements. A neutral, earthy colour scheme provides brightness and softness, while splashes of yellow and green and natural greenery add crispness and a natural feel. The result is a welcoming atmosphere perfect for unwinding, recharging, and finding tranquillity.

Light-coloured, natural woven materials and furniture further soften the room's vibe. Tall plants, soft bed throws, and baskets enhance the hygge feel, creating a cozy and inviting space.

Industrial-style living room mood board

The industrial style is celebrated for its rough yet functional beauty, characterised by exposed building materials like bricks, expansive loft spaces, and clean, straight lines. The colour scheme naturally follows, with exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and metal fixtures like visible beams complemented by touches of weathered wood.

Loft spaces highlighted with beams and oversized furniture create a cozy atmosphere. The sofa and brick wall combination offers a warm and inviting space, perfect for cosying up.

Scandinavian-style bedroom mood board

Scandi bedroom mood board by Katarina Naidan Jacobsen
Scandi bedroom mood board by Katarina Naidan Jacobsen

This design captures the enjoyment of being in nature, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian beaches and forests with a theme of recharging. Scandinavian design brings nature into the home simply and cozily. Muted colours highlight the oak, creating a natural and simple vibe, while the textures add to the cosiness and sense of rejuvenation.

Tropical-style living room mood board

Tropical living room mood board by Shura Alamrei
Tropical living room mood board by Shura Alamrei

This mood board showcases a serene and inviting tropical living room, designed to create a relaxed and nature-inspired ambiance. It blends natural elements with modern aesthetics for a cohesive and tranquil space.

Transitional style girl's room mood board

This transitional style mood board for a little girl's room features a charming blend of classic and contemporary elements, highlighted by muted pastel colours. Soft shades of pink and mint create a serene and dreamy atmosphere.

The combination of timeless furniture pieces with modern accents ensures a space that is both elegant and playful, perfect for nurturing creativity and comfort.

Contemporary living room mood board

This contemporary living space showcases the trending rustic tones we can’t get enough of this season. The simplicity of sleek black furniture with neutral cushions and decor makes this design feel well-balanced and sophisticated.

Coastal-style dining room mood board

Coastal style dining room mood board by Amy Jensen
Coastal style dining room mood board by Amy Jensen

The light and airy coastal-style dining room featured in this mood board takes inspiration from the tranquillity of the seaside. A neutral colour palette of white and light brown, complemented by soft blues and greens, establishes a peaceful atmosphere, encouraging relaxation and connection with loved ones.

Natural materials such as wood and jute introduce a warm touch, while carefully chosen decor pieces subtly reflect ocean and beach themes. This design concept fosters an uplifting and inspiring environment for enjoyment.

Organic style living room mood board

This earthy and organic living room creates a cosy and natural environment. The statement wallpaper, combined with soft white and sage green accents, evokes the feeling of being surrounded by nature.

The design is intended to elicit a sense of relaxation and comfort, making you go "ahhh" when you come home at the end of a long day.

Eclectic living room mood board

This eclectic living room moodboard showcases a harmonious blend of colour, pattern, and texture, frequently incorporated into eclectic designs. The concept was inspired by the beautiful fabric on the right, which influenced both the colour palette and the selection of geometric shapes found in the furniture, flooring, and rug.

Vintage elements, such as the cushions made from ticking fabric and the leopard statue, along with handmade items like the lamp and artwork, add distinctive touches to the design. The result is a bold yet harmonious aesthetic.

Transitional style living room mood board

Transitional style living room mood board by Parayas Singh
Transitional style living room mood board by Parayas Singh

Incorporating classy furniture and cool teal accents, this transitional living room mood board embodies the essence of transitional-style interiors. It harmoniously blends traditional elegance with contemporary simplicity, resulting in a balanced and timeless look.

Clean lines and neutral colour palettes set the stage, while a mix of classic and modern furniture pieces adds depth and character to the space. From sleek couches to sophisticated accents like bevelled mirrors and ceramic vases, every element is carefully curated to create a serene and inviting atmosphere that seamlessly integrates the old with the new.

Contemporary living room mood board

Contemporary living room mood board by Amina Mezine
Contemporary living room mood board by Amina Mezine

In this vibrant contemporary living room mood board, a tranquil relaxation corner takes centre stage, adorned with rich dark blue hues and opulent gold accents. The strategic use of blue evokes a sense of freshness and serenity, enveloping the space in a soothing ambience.

Amidst the brightness of the room, this corner offers a serene retreat, inviting moments of relaxation and tranquillity. With its elegant combination of colours and textures, it serves as a stylish sanctuary within the lively living space.

Wabi Sabi dining room mood board

Love a neutral palette? This dining room mood board embraces the wabi sabi style, making it interesting by blending textures. It mixes wood tones, adds layers, and varies between straight lines and gentle curves.

Introducing contrast through different materials and finishes, these small touches create a warm and homely atmosphere, capturing the essence of Wabi Sabi's beauty in imperfection and simplicity.

Maximalist boho living room mood board

This mood board showcases a Bohemian-style interior with a maximalist vibe. Bohemian interiors are distinguished by their variety of patterns, as highlighted in this interior mood board.

Warm hues and earthy tones accentuate the Bohemian style, while abundant indoor plants create a natural feel. Floor cushions add to the laid-back atmosphere, and natural fibres provide rich texture. Rattan furniture and macramé wall hangings perfectly evoke the bohemian spirit.

Classicism mixed with brutalism living room mood board

This mood board aims to blend the timeless elegance of classicism while providing a raw, unrefined aesthetic of brutalism. The contrast between classic elements and brutalist features, such as materials and colours, creates a strikingly unique environment in a living space.

Need more inspiration?

I trust you've discovered inspiration for your home decor endeavours. Whether you're drawn to sleek minimalism, cosy warmth, or bold sophistication, there's a design direction to match your taste.

If you've enjoyed delving into these mood boards, I invite you to peruse my other blogs on design inspiration and mood board creation for further ideas and insights. Happy decorating!


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